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Default The rules of the forums--

1) Rule Number One: Don't be an asshole.

2) Don't come here to advertise your stuff; this is my show, not your's.

3) No NSFL stuff, like.. I don't even wanna list examples. Just really bad, possibly illegal shit, don't post it.

4) Give ample warning for NSFW stuff. Last thing we need is for someone to see titties on the clock with their boss looking over their shoulder.

5) Try to keep low effort posts to a minimum, like don't just make a topic with a meme and call it a day.

That's about it. I mean, this place is super niche and I don't expect too many bodies to show up, so there's no need for this place to be ran under lock and key. At the same time, gotta have something in place for when people do show up. Basically, these are the rules until the time comes to where more's gotta be made.

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