Yo. Sooo, a lil’ while ago, someone actually hacked my site. It super sucked, especially since I’m basically a nobody in a remote corner of the internet, how was I even targeted? I pretty much narrowed the culprits down to this one Apple fanboy I upset by switching over to Android (I’m serious), and literally the person I asked for help with on setting up this site. Kinda leaning towards the latter since that person’s IP matched the IP of the attacker. Pretty dick move, but I’m hoping that she was hacked or something.

Thankfully the host I use has automatic backups, so I just restored the site and deleted all the malicious stuff. My forums was completely lost though, I had to remake those over from scratch. I felt violated, dude went into my private shit and ruined it, just for kicks. I’m glad I didn’t lose everything though; now I know and from now on I’ll have to be more on point.

To the Hacker: t( ‘-‘ t),
– Bryant H.D. Walker

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