So you want me to draw a dude for you? Sure. This is how much it’s gonna cost though:

Rough Sketch: $12

( Just pretend that picture above is a pencil drawing, I don’t have the original pencils of this thing no more. -_-; )

Inked & Cleaned: $20
Colored-In Picture: $40
Full Colored & Shaded: $50


Pics Drawn in Pencil: $12
Inked Pic: $20
Colored Pic: $40
Colored Pic w/ Shading: $50
(Additional characters are $12 each!)

Something to get out the way first:

  • I don’t draw porn and other super bad, NSFW stuff. So if that’s what you want, you’re gonna have to get another artist to help you get your rocks off.
  • Give me a picture of the dude you want me to draw. I don’t care what it looks like, just something that gives me a general idea of what you want the character to look like. It could be drawn on a napkin for all I care. But if you don’t have a drawing of the guy, then just describe him to me really well and I’ll take care of the rest.
  • I’m gonna need the money up front. You pay me, and then I get to work. I’ve been stiffed one too many times, and would rather not be put in that position again.
  • The money can be sent via PayPal or Zelle. Those two are super common and trustworthy, so I don’t wanna have to venture too far out of those two venues to get it done. Exceptions can be made if you’re someone I’m dealing with offline, then I’ll accept cold, hard cash.
  • Once I’m paid and begin working on your piece, it’ll be done in a timely manner. I’m pretty transparent about my working process so if you got any questions, I’ll answer them, but all I ask is a lil’ patience. If someone is roadblocking me, or I have a ton of other commissions that might delay your’s a bit; I’ll let you know.
  • Don’t just yolo pay me for something you want. Let’s discuss what you want first and then you can send the money. Just in case I’m busy and can’t do it at the moment for reasons, let’s avoid some mishaps. How to contact me? Well, just hit the Contact menu tab above.
  • No refunds. I mean, if I can’t do it for any reason, then of course I’ll give you your money back. But if you’re not happy with what I did, or you found another artist after you commissioned me and changed your mind? Well, tough titty.


  • What the fuck, man!? You really expect me to pay $XX for this!?
    – Yes. Yes I do. I mean, if you think it’s too much, there’s plenty of other dudes out there who I’m sure would do it for less.
  • Do people actually pay for this shit!?
    – Sometimes, yes. I’m not swimming in commissions or anything, but when I do get them, I’d like for them to be worth the time and effort. I don’t wanna work on something for hours and only be able to afford a Big Mac. At the very least I wanna be able to get the whole meal, with maybe an Apple Pie on the side (preferably a Strawberry and Cream pie if they got ’em).
  • I don’t feel comfortable paying up front.
    – Well, I don’t feel comfortable working on just your word. If you feel paying upfront is a dealbreaker, well, I’m sure you can find other artists who’d be comfortable getting paid at the end.
  • Well, what about I pay you half now and half after?
    – If I’m doing multiple commissions from you or something, then maybe we can work something out. Maybe. But for the base ones? Nah. It’s all or nothing, man. Seriously, if you wanna give me half of $12, that doesn’t do much to inspire confidence you’ll give me the rest after.
  • What makes you think that you can command a price like this!?
    – Drawing takes a lot of time and effort. That’s time and effort I could be spent doing other things, maybe drawing for myself or others. This is the price I feel it’d be worth to divert that attention away. If you feel it’s too much, then hey, it fulfilled the secondary objective at least.
  • What “secondary objective”?
    – Read between the lines, my man.
    – Look, do you have any idea how many people I deal with on a daily basis that want me to draw something for them just because they suddenly found out I can draw? They weren’t gonna seek out an artist for this, they don’t care about the idea, it was just something they thought of on a whim. And at the same time, they have no idea how much time and effort it takes to draw something. You give me this idea for your big elaborate tattoo that you’re probably gonna pay a guy like.. 12 billion an hour to do, but you don’t even wanna pass me 5 bucks for the design? Nah bro, fuck that. You want something from me, you gotta pay. And no, I don’t care that you’ll “buy me lunch” or some shit, this is how I eat, my man:

— You buying me a hamburger from McDonald’s with no cheese ain’t nearly enough compensation for the time I put into what I did. So if you feel it’s too much? Then good! Chances are you’re the type of person I made this thing to weed out in the first place. If you don’t have the pockets to buy my shit, then your shit ain’t nearly important enough for me to put off my shit. And that’s all I gotta say about that.

  • .. Weeell.. I-I still think–
    — No, shut up. Fuck you.